FalconMedia - Professional, Premium Grade Blank Media & Double Layer DVD Media

A Unique Feature

The Ultra Hard Coat « UHC »
Anti-Scratch Protection

UHC DVD is the most reliable solution to safeguard and protect your home video and data recording for years.

This extra protective layer offers a very high resistance to external scratching, scuffs or smudges. Users can clean recording/playing surface by wiping any dirt or liquid without the risk of damaging the disc.

Pro DVD+R Specification Data Sheet



Pro DVD+R is high capacity 4.7GB, professional AAA grade product excellent for data backup solutions. FalconMedia’s blank DVD+R media combines highest performance at 16X speed, excellent compatibility, and consistent quality offering the best media for professionals. Pro DVD+R is available in Inkjet and thermal hub DVD printable surfaces compatible with famous professional publishers to display your artwork label at its best.

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Specification 1.3
Recording Speed 16x
Storage 4.7GB
Recording Time 120 Min Video SP Mode
Layer Single
Recording Type Write-Once
Recording Layer Organic Dye Cyanine / Azo
MID Code TDK003 / FTI016
Reflective Layer/Mask Silver / Wide 24-118mm
Hard Coat Ultra HC - Optional
Benefits & Advantages

Professional Grade

Premium OEM Japanese materials

Licensed Japanese MID

Excellent Compatibility

Low error rate

Wide sputtered surface

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